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Weleda joins Gran Fondo

Weleda takes part to Strade Bianche Gran Fondo and has the pleasure to give a free sportive massage to all athlets with Arnica Massage Oil.

This precious product is made with sunflower and olive oil in which are grafted rosemary and lavender essential oil. The lively scent of rosemary carries the gift of energy while lavender immediately dispels stress and creates a sense of peace and well-being. Birch extract has a draining effect while Arnica extract works deeply on muscles. Thanks to its unique virtues this oil can ben use before sport to tone muscles up preventing their sprains. After work out it facilitates contractures, muscle tissue relax, prevent and soothe muscles pain.



Arnica it’s well known in herbal therapy as healing plant, a fantastic remedy for traumas. It is a precious helper for each type of sport.

Arnica made by Weleda grows in a natural and protected habitat: Weleda protect this plant with susteinable supply.
The first project began 10 years ago at Vosgi mountains where Arnica was renovate and extended to 14 ectars. With WWF cooperation Weleda created “Apuseni National Park” too: in this Rumenian area, Arnica and the local biodiversity are hightly defended.