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Gran Fondo Strade Bianche 2021 Jersey and Vest

By 22 April 2021Gran Fondo

The Gran Fondo Strade Bianche is finally back and will be the celebration of a longed-for, exciting, unique moment; whether it is characterised by the driest dust of Siena’s sunny days or by the mud that turns the gravel roads into a tricky and fascinating terrain. Unique, like the Dust (Polvere) and Mud (Fango) jerseys and vest to celebrate the two faces, which the route can show to those who decide to challenge it and go to the conquest of Piazza del Campo.

All the arrangements were completed for the 2020 edition. Then, the long pause and – finally – the rebirth is near. The September edition of the Gran Fondo is both a 2020 edition and a 2021 edition. For this reason, its jerseys and matching vests will be the same as those designed for last year, to symbolize a fresh start and to honour the passion of the participants. The Dust jersey is inspired by the earth and the dry gravel; its sister Mud is inspired by the mud splatters from the route in bad weather. We still don’t know what the weather will be like on that Sunday in September, but we are also convinced that no one will care that much. Our passion has waited long enough to be bothered by this kind of problem: we look forward to seeing you all, more energised than ever, to enjoy a day of great sport and entertainment together.

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