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How To Feed Energise At The Gran Fondo Strade Bianche: Tips From The Namedsport> Nutrition Trainers

By 3 March 2020Gran Fondo

During the Gran Fondo at Strade Bianche, the energy expenditure of a cyclist is very high. A carefully planned nutrition and hydration strategy for the preparation, performance and recovery phases is essential to reduce fatigue and optimize your performance.
The Nutrition Trainers of the NAMEDSPORT> Academy have worked alongside the world’s greatest cycling champions and their teams in the planning of the optimal nutrition plan for each race, here are some of their valuable nutrition tips:

At least 30 minutes before departure, maximize your hydration and energy load with products high in Carbohydrates and Amino Acids such as NAMEDSPORT> Aminonam, L-carnitine Shot and Total Energy Carbo Gel>.

During the race:
Maintain a constant intake of around 70g/per hour of carbohydrates by sipping an isotonic drink and regularly taking energy bars or gels. Remember to drink when you are thirsty, without exceeding with liquids.

Recommended for you: Isonam drink mix, Total Energy Boost> Isotonic, Total Energy Fruit Bar>, Total Energy Amino Gel>, Total Energy Boost> Lime, Energy bar and Total Energy Strong Gel>.

After the race:
Recover and rehydrate by replenishing the Mineral Salts lost during the race or intensive sporting activity. Total Energy Recovery> is our best proposal to support the physiological recovery phase.

At the end of the day, enjoy a good carbohydrate meal and don’t forget to treat yourself to your favorite food as a well-deserved reward!

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