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GF Strade Bianche sponsored by NAMEDSPORT>!

By 24 January 2018February 20th, 2018Gran Fondo

NAMEDSPORT> is a leader company in the business of Sport Nutrition which has distinguished itself for its customer care, technological innovation and certified quality assurance.

NAMEDSPORT> stands next to the athletes with the common goal of achieving excellence, pushing them beyond their limits and offering the best quality for athletic performance, employing its wide knowledge and disposing of clinical studies tested by professional sportsmen to guarantee products of highest quality and effectiveness, paying extreme attention to the well-being, guaranteeing raw materials and products of the highest level that boast certified compositions and formulations.

NAMEDSPORT> it’s all this and much more!

Come and meet us at the NAMEDSPORT> welcome points located along the route and at the Open Village of GF Strade Bianche, sponsored by NAMDESPORT>.

You will have the opportunity to receive lots of gadgets and samples to test the quality of our supplements, and the opportunity to try the refreshing and energetic taste of HydraFit>.

HydraFit> is NAMEDSPORT>’s “hero” product: a tasty hypotonic drink with Magnesium, Potassium, Maltodextrin and 9 Vitamins for a deep rehydration and a reinstatement of the hydro-saline and energy losses due to intense physical activity.

HydraFit> will help you recover from the fatigue of the race and enter NAMEDSPORT>’s world.

If you can not wait discover NAMEDSPORT> and HydraFit> now by clicking this link!

NAMEDSPORT> We feed passion.

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