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By 14 January 2019Gran Fondo

Here at Sportful, we’ve been loving Gran Fondo Strade Bianche from the very beginning, because of the timeless atmosphere it designs into your eyes and into your heart.

From Bagnaia to San Martino, from Monteaperti to Le Tolfe – the gravel sectors of Europe’s most southern Northern classic can open a new reality to the protagonists of this day. Facing Strade Bianche is like a battle against beauty – between being speechless for the open panoramas of Chiantishire, and gasping for air after the last hill.

At the end of the day, you can face the Granfondo in two ways.

On the side of the road, cheering for the GF heroes moving like a snake over the hills. Or face on the dirt, up and down the Crete Senesi, against all the effort, against all the obstacles and against the unexpected. Up till the arrive in Piazza del Campo.

Living Strade Bianche is like a challenge. A personal, shared challenge, against beauty and against the hidden savagery of the Tuscan gravel roads. Anyway, mud is not a choice here. It’s a requirement. Dust is not an accident. That’s what these roads are made of. This is why we are here. You didn’t expect to come back home clean and fresh, did you?

It’s time to get your legs dirty #sportful #liveit

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