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During the Gran Fondo Strade Bianche, the caloric expenditure of the cyclist is very high. A careful planning of nutrition, hydration and integration for the preparation, performance and recovery phases is therefore essential to reduce the sense of fatigue and maximize performance.

Follow the advice of Laura Martinelli, Sports Dietitian of Bahrain Merida Pro Cycling Team, and face the race at best with NAMEDSPORT> supplements.

Pre-race: have breakfast at least three hours before the start. Prefer carbohydrates such as oats or wholemeal bread and proteins such as Hydrolysed Advanced Whey. During the hour before the race, maximize hydration with HydraFit> combined with a Total Energy Fruit bar> or with a Total Energy Fruit Jelly>.

During the race: keep a constant intake of 70g/h of carbohydrates sipping an isotonic drink and regularly ingesting bars or energy gels of your choice. If you aim to finish the race in 6-7 hours, do not exceed with liquids but drink only when you’re thirsty.

After the race: rehydrate with a sport bottle of HydraFit> and within half an hour take from 30 to 35 grams of proteins chosen from the Hydrolysed Advanced Whey, the Star Whey or the Soy Protein Isolate. Finally, enjoy a good carbohydrate meal and eat your favorite food as a well-deserved reward!